Medications – the Other Side of the Story.

Posted: December 1st, 2008 under Health, Uncategorized.
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It is not a secret that in modern times, most adults take some type of medication. So it is extremely important to understand that when you take any medication, it is always possible that you will experience some side effects. Even though most over-the-counter drugs seem harmless, do not assume you won’t have side effects — everyone’s body reacts differently to different chemicals under different circumstances. For example, you may have an unusual reaction when you are experiencing hormonal changes.

You may think it is funny that some medications can cause as a side effect that is symptomatic of the very condition that they are meant to relieve! I refer to this as a ‘drugged oxymoron’. For instance, some medications claim to relieve headaches, but headaches are listed as a possible side effect of taking the medication. Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that the drug is of no value? Here’s another example. You are considering a remedy that claims to relieve the discomfort of gas, but you notice that one of the side effects of the medication is that it may cause gas. It really would not make much sense to spend time and money on a medication that can cause the very problem that you are trying to eradicate, would it?

If you carefully study the side effects listed on the labels of these drugs, you will notice that some side effects can sometimes be fatal. Always read the label carefully before you take a medication and if you have any questions, be sure to check with your physician. Some drugs have long lists of possible side effects, but many of these side effects are rare and few people experience them. A physician should be familiar with the most common side effects and can let you know what to expect. In some situations you may decide not to take a particular medication due to the side effects, but sometimes a certain drug is so crucial to your health that you will have to take it and deal with the side effects. Regardless of the situation, it is always wise to be aware of the possible side effects before you start taking a medication.

Exercise caution — there are some side effects that can be quite serious. You should always monitor your condition and check with your physician if you think there is a possible problem. Please heed any warnings about potentially dangerous side effects, because they can sometimes be fatal. Also keep in mind that due to drug interactions, you may unknowingly ingest a potentially lethal combination of drugs. Be sure to tell your physician if you are experiencing any unusual side effects, because they could indicate a serious problem with drug interaction.

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