Using Motive and Motivation. Part 1

Posted: October 5th, 2012 under Business.
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“Reaching the summit” means achieving success — in the case of your employees, successful performance. Ensuring that all of your staff members become successful performers requires the right motive, motivation and plan.

The importance of motivation
Motivation is often taken too lightly in the wellness/fitness industry: It is probably discussed at every facility, but that doesn’t mean that employees are really motivated. Motivated employees are easy to recognize. They will always outperform unmotivated employees, and they know that “reaching the summit” is only accomplished through outstanding performance. They also avoid the non-productive behaviors seen in lesser performers. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the [person] with the right mental attitude from achieving [their] goal; nothing on earth can help the [person] with the wrong mental attitude.

The role of motive
If a facility is not customer service-driven, its operational motive can limit its staff’s motivation. But it takes more than a customer service-driven motive to motivate your staff. Motive and motivation start with the leader of a facility — usually a “hands on” owner, the executive director or the general manager — and an effective plan.

Make a plan
To effectively use motivation in the pursuit of excellence, a specific plan must be implemented, effectively followed up on and managed. This holds especially true now that the U.S. appears to face an economic challenge. This is the time to wipe the dust off the motivation shelf and get moving.

Spell out expectations. Put the plan in writing, so that everyone is completely clear as to what is expected. Include job expectations for superior performance, as well as penalties for failure to comply. Poor employee performance is unacceptable. However, if employees are not clear about what is expected, management is to blame for their poor performance. And poor performance is one of the most significant contributors to bottom-line loss. It reveals itself in the lack of new member sales and the lack of retention of existing members.

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