Using Motive and Motivation. Part 2

Posted: October 6th, 2012 under Business.
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Meeting individual needs. Include specific criteria to enhance your employees’ attitudes in your plan. What effectively motivates one person to excel may not be the same for another. However, individual motivational needs are not as important to the plan as overall staff motivational requirements. Managers can provide one-on-one motivation for individual employees within the framework of the overall plan.

Hiring. Good hiring makes achieving maximum motivation much simpler. However, your facility may already have some less-than-motivated employees. As the new plan is put into use, these employees will be put on notice that their attitudes need to change.

Staff meetings. Staff meetings are one of the most valuable components of your motivational plan. All staff meetings must be conducted in a motivational manner, which means that the leader of the meeting must be able to motivate your staff. The meeting agenda is important, but the delivery of the message is more important. Your staff should leave the meeting feeling inspired. That inspiration can then be built on during working hours.

Enhancing motivation further
As motivation is a state of mind, there are ways that you can influence and enhance it.

Financial rewards. Offering financial rewards for outstanding performance is one way to fan the flames of employee motivation.Financial rewards should be based on outstanding performance and should be available to all staff members. Front desk/service staff can contribute significantly toward a facility’s goals, yet they often seem to be overlooked in many performance-based reward programs. The rewards should be proportionate to employees’ job descriptions and be relevant to the goals they’ve achieved.

Speakers. Bringing professional motivational presenters to your facility to speak is another way to enhance staff motivation. Or, though somewhat less effective, have your employees attend motivational programs outside your facility. Again, do not overlook front desk/service staff in this method of performance enhancement.

Only by taking proper action can you motivate your employees. Too many managers complain about “the cost” of motivational programs. Unfortunately, the real cost lies in bottom-line loss directly attributable to poor employee performance and lack of motivation. For any facility to “reach the summit,” motivation will always be the driving force.

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