Which medications may be cause of gum disease

Posted: May 13th, 2009 under Health.
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Approximately 68% of older adults, and those in middle age, are affected by gum disease. It is unexpected, but the medications you are using might be the reason for the trouble you have with your gums. Here is the reason.

Even though you might be brushing and flossing your teeth faithfully and go to the dentist consistently, you could still have gum disease. It is thought that three-quarters of people older than 35 years have some type of gum disease but are oblivious to it. It is a misfortune that not knowing won’t shield you from progressive gum disease or periodontal disease, which can cause you to lose your teeth and ruin your smile. One issue, that can contribute to gum troubles, which a lot of people don’t think about are medications. If you are worried about how healthy your gums and teeth are, it is time to look again at the medications that you are using.

Why do some prescription medications cause gum problems in individuals? Many regular medications change the natural circulation of saliva, making the mouth dry. Saliva is a normal source of antibacterial compounds that assist with managing the bacteria that make plaque develop and causes gum ailments. Without a sufficient amount of saliva, these bad bacteria can proliferate and cause an array of gum issues, in addition to dental issues such as cavities and odorous breath.

The various medications that can be the reason for gum troubles are many such as anti depressants, some hypertension medication, and antihistamines. As a matter of fact, there are a large quantity of medications that can cause dry mouth and possibly make your chances greater to get gum disease. You could find when you ingest these drugs that you feel dry mouth or a feeling of a bad taste. Your gum health could be suffering from the lack of saliva even if this is not an issue for you.

What do you need to do if you think that your medications might cause gum problems? If your doctor can’t give you something different that does not cause the dryness, there is something you can do to help your oral problem and possibly, decrease your chance of getting gum disease.

One option is to use sugar-free gum with xylitol in it. The action of chewing the gum will boost the production of saliva while the xylitol will aid in reducing the amount of plaque producing bacteria which lead to disease of the gums. Xylitol has been verified in research to decrease the chance of dental cavities.

You should drink lots of water to keep your mouth hydrated. Research has verified that the catechins in green tea helps to decrease inflamed gums and make your mouth more healthy. Drinking green tea during the day will moisten your mouth and it is also very good for your gums and mouth. It can also be helpful to use a humidifier in your bedroom so your mouth can stay moisturized at night.

Remember to see your dentist regularly if medications you are on put you at risk for gum conditions. Removing plaque regularly on the gum line can help you avoid gum disease later on.

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